General Info

We are now CLOSED for the 2021 Christmas Tree Season.  See you next year!!

Our 176 acre farm offers beautiful “cut your own” or “pre-cut” trees….both Balsam Fir and Fraser Fir. Wind your way through the farm along our scenic laneway for almost 3 kms over rolling hills. Enjoy the view! 

Wagon rides to the tree fields will not be available this year.  The tree fields are all within walking distance of the main area.

FOOD: On the weekends “The Sweet Shack” serves up PEAMEAL ON A BUN, makes APPLE CIDER DONUTS using local cider, has hot drinks, fudge, cookies and more. THE ROCKTON LIONS CLUB will be operating the following weekends of Nov 27-28 & Dec 4-5. During weekdays hot drinks and baked goods are available.

CHRISTMAS STORE: Visit our rustic Christmas Store filled with unique items. 


TIP: If you are going to hike out and back from the field bring a tarp to put your tree on and then drag the tree back on the tarp. You and a helper can each grab a corner of the tarp. 

TIP: If you don’t put your tree up the day you cut it, you must put a fresh cut on the bottom.  Cut off approximately a quarter inch so that the tree will take up water.

TIP: Don’t let your tree go dry! Don’t let the water level in your bowl go below the bottom of the tree trunk. It will be thirsty for the first few days then start to drink less. 

MERRY FARMS looks forward to providing you with a memorable family experience!