Q. Can I cut my tree at night or in the dark?

Sorry no, trees must be cut in daylight hours

Q. Can I bring my chainsaw?

Sorry…insurance guy says “nope”

Q. Dogs Allowed?

For sure, but only during Christmas season and if Fido is friendly and on leash please …and must be wearing Christmas bling! Sorry no dogs allowed during pumpkin season.  Regardless of their bling!

Q. Do you take credit cards?

Yes…Visa and MC.

Q. Do you have an ATM?

No sorry.

Q. Do you do cashback?

No sorry

Q. Do you supply saws?

Yes, but feel free to bring your own.

Q. Do we have to go cut our own ?

No we have lots of trees we have cut and brought up to the store area for you to choose from.

Q. Can you tie my tree onto my car?

Really, really sorry but again our insurance guy says “No” (He is not a very nice guy). We want to but can’t, sorry.

Q. Do you have any twine?

Yes we have lots of twine for you to tie to your car.

Q. Can we take Molly home? (Molly is our farm dog)

Some days the answer might by yes ... but normally we have to say No.

Q. When should we come?

Keep it quiet but the best weekend is the last weekend in November. It’s not as busy as the first weekend in December and the Harvest Field has barely been touched.

Q. Is your last name really “Merry”?

Sure is! Crazy eh?